This program serves children 2 years to 5 years of age. Potty training is available in the younger classes for those children showing signs of readiness. Our preschool programs emphasize kindergarten readiness through developmentally appropriate curriculum allowing children to develop at their own pace. The classes are grouped by social and developmental levels. Each child is placed in the group that will best meet his or her needs. The preschool program is structured to ease a child from a home environment to a school environment.

Meet the Preschool Teachers


Ms. Raquel

Hello. My name is Raquel Alvarez. I began my journey in early childhood education here at LJPA back in 2008. Since then I have added the title of mother to my experiences surrounding the education of young minds. I truly enjoy working in this community and hope to continue my growth here personally and professionally.

Ms. Vanessa

My name is Vanessa Figueroa. I've been working with children since 2008. I began my career at a day care, worked with autistic children, and am now a preschool assistant. I love reading to the children and hope to get my Child Development degree some day. I am so happy to now be working with the children at La Jolla Preschool Academy!

Ms. Werda

Hello, my name's Miss Werda. I've been working with children for 3 years. I'm currently working with all ages. I'm very passionate and love teaching. I've realized over the years that as an individual they can teach you a lot about yourself which is amazing. I'm all for growth, positivity, and being able to provide all the resources a child needs. The best thing about teaching is knowing you'll have an impact in each and every child to becoming the best being they can be. That in itself makes me happy. Some of my hobbies are hiking, going to the gym, and spending time with my family. Firm believer in being healthy and taking care of your well-being.

I am now thrilled to be with the preschool team.

Ms. Jessica

I have been working with children for the last 5 years.  Most of my career working with children has been with children 3 months old to 2.5 years.  I enjoy so many aspects of working with children, I love to see them grow and develop and especially love their hugs and kisses.

I enjoy spending time with my family, scrapbooking, and the outdoors.

*To teach is to touch lives forever- Anonymous

Ms. Kashi

I believe that every preschool child needs a caring, stimulating, and secure place to grow and mature.  I strive to nurture each child's individuality, to spark their curiosity, to impart a sense of respect, and a love of learning.  Most importantly, preschool should be fun!  I am working in the Koala Bear Classroom with the 4 year old children and the Pre-K children and love to see the look on their face when they discover something new.  I find myself having fun many ways on my time off which include camping, knitting, baking, and reading a good book.

Ms. Mary Jane

I have been working with preschoolers for 25 years. I enjoy coming in each morning to see all the happy faces of the three year old children. I love to watch their curiosity and watch them grow and learn. Some of my hobbies include antiques, gardening and dog rescue. Our dog club has rescued more than 500 dogs per year. What is closest to my heart is children, and being an integral part of their world.